Pack of 8 Tight sleeves - Full length jilbab - Light microfibre

New product

Sold per pack of 8

New! 1 piece jilbab with tight sleeves. 

Fabric is light Microfibre called "Wool peach", it's a light, non shiny material. The fabric for the sleeves is a stretch lycra for more comfort.

Available in 3 lengths:

T1: from S to XL, you measure +/- 1.60 m
T2: from S to XL, you measure +/- 1.65 m
T3: from S to XXL, you measure +/- 1.70 m
  • Mixed color pack size 1
  • Mixed color pack size 2
  • Mixed color pack size 3
  • Pack black mixed sizes
  • Pack formal black mixed sizes

Data sheet

Model/Style :1 piece overhead French jilbab
Cut :With sleeves
Headband :Yes
Elastic + cord at the waist :Yes
Fabric :Light Microfiber (Wool peach)
Shine :No
Density :125 g/m2
Opacity :8,5/10
Brand :Akhawat