Pack of 10 Butterfly jilbab with tight sleeves - 2 pieces - Light microfiber

New product

Sold per pack of 10 

2 pieces butterfly style Jilbab with lycra cuffs. Jilbab is ample, hides chin with integrated headband, the skirt is flared and provided with a drawstring at the waist.

Cuffs are stretch and allow more ease in movement, the jilbab does not go up when you raise your arms.

Very comfortable to wear thanks to its lightweight microfibre fabric called "Wool-peach".

Available in 3 lengths:

T1: from S to XL, you measure +/- 1.60 m
T2: from S to XL, you measure +/- 1.65 m
T3: from S to XXL, you measure +/- 1.70 m

  • Mixed color pack size 1
  • Mixed color pack size 2
  • Mixed color pack size 3
  • Pack black mixed sizes

Data sheet

Model/Style :2 pieces French jilbab with flared skirt
Cut :Butterfly style
Headband :Yes
Elastic + cord at the waist :Yes
Fabric :Light Microfiber (Wool peach)
Shine :No
Density :125 g/m2
Opacity :8,5/10
Brand :Akhawat